About us

  1. The Tübingen Hearing Research Centre (THRC) is dedicated to both interdisciplinary basic research and applied development in the fields of normal and pathological sensory processing of hearing, balance, smell, and taste. Basic research is expected to achieve the cutting edge of scientific progress. Applied development is expected to profit from basic research results, allowing to provide new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for patients. Applied development takes in consideration the high quality achievements brought to patients. In order to reach this aim, we have established various relevant industrial partnerships*.
  2. Being part of Tübingen University, the THRC is dedicated to the pre- and postdoctoral training of students from fields like medicine, biology, biochemistry, physics and engineering.
  3. Located at the Tübingen University Hospital, the THRC is closely linked to clinical departments like otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgery, neurology, neuropsychology, ophtalmology, and clinical genetics.
  4. Being a non-profit organization, the THRC uses resources of the present generation for a better future of our children and grandchildren.
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