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Announcement: Prof. Ellen Reisinger's comment in The Lancet has made the cover!!!

Prof. Ellen Reisnger (THRC) together with Dr. Ivana Trapani (Assistant Investigator, Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine, and Research Associate in the Department of Advanced Biomedicine, University of Naples, Frederico II, Italy) published a comment in Lancet. Title: Gene therapy proves successful in treating hereditary deafness.

Lancet May 25, 2024 Volume 403 Full cover

To read the Comment

Announcement: NeuroBiological Practical Course - Hearing will take place in March 2024!!

After a few somewhat complicated years, we have the pleasure of announcing that the 30th NeuroBiological Practical Course / Hearing will be held in 2024. We would be happy to welcome you from March 18-22, 2024 for this event.

Registration is open to anyone wishing to become acquainted with basic methods in modern hearing research.

For more information: 2024-01-31_v4_letter-add-npch_neurobiol_blockpr_engl_2024.pdf

From THRC: Our new Open Access article is published now !!

Our research explores the connection between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and changes in neural oscillations and cortical excitation–inhibition balance, focusing on BdnfPax2 KO mice with an autism-like phenotype.

Marchetta P, Dapper K, Hess M, Calis D, Singer W, Wertz J, Fink S, Hage S, Alam M, Schwabe K, Lukowski R, Bourin J, Puel JL, Jacob M, Munk M, Land R, Rüttiger L, Knipper M (2023) Dysfunction of specific auditory fibers impact cortical oscillations, driving an autism phenotype despite near-normal hearing. FASEB J

Open Access Here

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