Summer Term 2017

Course Structure

The program for doctoral and postdoctoral students comprises 4 semesters (I to IV), each consisting of 4 consecutive modules [(1) to (4)]. At the end of each semester, on completing all 4 mandatory modules, a certificate is being issued. Requirement: attendance of at least 80%.
The following modules are offered during summer term 2017:
(1) Lecture “Sensory Systems – Basics and Principles IV”
(2) Auditory System (Summer term), Visual System (Winter term)
(3) Progress Reports – Progress in Neuroscience Research of the Retina and the Inner Ear
(4) Optional Courses

For ZfN Graduate Students:
Lecture: 4 x 3 ECTS/semester ⇒ 12 ECTS
Special Lectures Auditory System/Visual System: ⇒ 2 x 2 ECTS
In Total ⇒ max. 16 ECTS

For Postdoc, PhD, and Students of the Graduate Training Center, Experimental Medicine, Molecular Medicine and Medicine:
Lecture: 3 ECTS/semester ⇒ max. 12 ECTS
Special Lecture: Auditory System/Visual System 2 ECTS ⇒ max. 4 ECTS


“Sensory Systems - Basics and Principles IV” Module (1)
When?: Monday, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Where?: Seminar room, ENT Clinic (HNO-Klinik), Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5
Language: English

Date Topic Lecturer
24.04.2017 Age-related Macular Degeneration Sylvie Julien-Schraermeyer, Centre of Ophthalmology
01.05.2017 Vacation
08.05.2017 Pathology of the Vascular System of the Ear Katrin Reimann, Tübingen Hearing Research Center
15.05.2017 Modulation of cognitive control with transcranial brain stimulation C. Plewnia, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
22.05.2017 Functional Proteomic Approaches to unravel Principles of Neurosensory Disease M. Ueffing, Centre of Ophthalmology
29.05.2017 Pathophysiology of the Eye: Function M. Seeliger, Centre of Ophthalmology
05.06.2017 Vacation
12.06.2017 Cochlea Implant and MEG C. Braun, MEG-Center
19.06.2017 Inherited Retinal Degenerations: from Basic Research to Therapeutic Trial E. Zrenner, Centre for Ophthalmology
26.06.2017 Pathology of the Ear/Clinic: Special Pathology of the Inner Ear H. Löwenheim, Tübingen Hearing Research Center
03.07.2017 Cochlea Implant Anke Tropitzsch, Tübingen Hearing Research Center
10.07.2017 Vertigo John Thiericke, Tübingen Hearing Research Center
17.07.2017 Neurodegenerative and Neuroprotective Pathways in Degenerative Diseases of the Retina Ayse Sahaboglu, Centre for Ophthalmology

Audiory System

Auditory System” Module (3)
When?: Monday, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where?: Lecture Theatre, ENT Clinic (HNO-Klinik), Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5
Language: English

Date Topic Lecturer
24.04.2017 Sound Processing in the Cochlea A. Gummer,Tübingen Hearing Research Center
01.05.2017 Vacation
08.05.2017 Active Amplification in the Cochlea
15.05.2017 Afferent Coding and Efferent Control in the Cochlea
22.05.2017 Ion and Fluid Homeostasis in the Cochlea
29.05.2017 Tutorial/Catch-up
05.06.2017 Vacation
12.06.2017 Cellular Mechanisms for Information Coding in Auditory Brainstem Nuclei
19.06.2017 Spatial and Temporal Coding in the Auditory Cortex
26.06.2017 Feature Detection by the Auditory Cortex
03.07.2017 Tutorial/Catch-up
tba Exam (date and time to be announced)

Progress reports

Progress in Neuroscience Research of the Retina and the Inner Ear Module (2)
When?: once per month on Thursday, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Where?: Lecture hall of the University ENT-Clinic, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5
Language: English

Date Lecturers Department / Section Title
20.04.2017, Seminar room ENT-Clinic Jörg Schmid AG Löwenheim (THRC) Generation of sensory hair cells and supporting cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells
David Klindt AG Euler (CIN/FIA) Understanding Functional Neural Types With Deep Learning
04. 05.2017, Lecture Theatre ENT-Clinic Philipp Eckert AG Knipper (THRC) Function of hippocampal network potentiation on the temporal processing and adaptation of the auditory system
Dr. Nicole Weisschuh AG Wissinger (FIA) Identification of mutations in retinal disease genes by next generation sequencing
01.06.2017, Lecture Theatre ENT-Clinic Dr. Ainhitze Mendizabal AG Gummer (THRC) Modelling round-window hearing stimulation with a piezo-electric disc actuator
Dr. Ayse Sahaboglu-Tekgoe AG Zrenner (FIA) A new therapeutic approach: Repurposing PARP inhibitors for retinal degenerations
13.06.2017, Seminar room Eye Clinic Benedikt Hofmeier AG Knipper (THRC) Identification of functional and molecular biomarkers in hearing impaired matched patient cohorts and animals with and without tinnitus
Md Moniruzzaman AG Ueffing (THRC) Dissection of the function of Lebercilin and its dysfunction in Lebers Congenital Amaurosis

At each date two progress reports will be presented – one by a junior scientist of the Centre for Ophthalmology, one by a junior scientist of the Hearing Research Centre / ENT-Clinic (Schedule per progress report: 30 min talk, 15 min discussion).
There will be the opportunity for further scientific discussions after the presentations with coffee, tea and cookies.

Optional Courses

will be offered by the supervising institute

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