Summer Term 2018

Course Structure

The program for doctoral and postdoctoral students comprises 2 semesters (I to II), each consisting of 3 (summer term) resp. 4 consecutive modules (winter term) [(1) to (4)]. At the end of each semester, on completing all 3 resp.4 mandatory modules, a certificate is being issued. Requirement: attendance of at least 80%.
The following modules are offered during summer term 2018:
(1) Lecture “Sensory Systems – Basics and Principles II”
(2) Progress Reports – Progress in Neuroscience Research of the Retina and the Inner Ear
(3) Optional Courses

For ZfN Graduate Students:
Lecture: 2 x 3 ECTS/semester ⇒ 6 ECTS
Special Lectures Visual System: ⇒ 2 ECTS
In Total ⇒ max. 8 ECTS

For Postdoc, PhD, and Students of the Graduate Training Center, Experimental Medicine, Molecular Medicine and Medicine:
Lecture: 3 ECTS/semester ⇒ max. 6 ECTS
Special Lecture: Visual System 2 ECTS ⇒ max. 2 ECTS


“Sensory Systems - Basics and Principles II” Module (1)
When?: Monday, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Where?: Lecture Theatre, ENT-Clinic, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 5, Floor 2
Language: English

Date Topic Lecturer
16.04.2018 Comparative Aspects of first Synapses in sensory Organs Marlies Knipper, Tübingen Hearing Research Center
23.04.2018 Gene Expression analyses in Eye and Ear: Recent Findings and Future Possibilities Marita Feldkämper, Centre of Ophthalmology
07.05.2018 Brain Control to Major Tom – how the Mind shapes Hearing Lukas Rüttiger, Tübingen Hearing Research Center
14.05.2018 Lecture of 16 April/Tutorial
28.05.2018 Pathophysiology of the Eye: Function M. Seeliger, Centre for Ophthalmology
04.06.2017 Pathology of the Ear/Clinic: Special Pathology of the Inner Ear H. Löwenheim, Tübingen Hearing Research Center
11.06.2018 Age-related Macular Degeneration Sylvie Julien-Schraermeyer, Centre for Ophthalmology
18.06.2018 Molecular Therapies for Retinal Diseases Bernd Wissinger, Centre for Ophthalmology
25.06.2018 Tutorial
02.07.2018 Special Topics of Olfactory Processing H. Breer, University of Hohenheim, Faculty of Natural Sciences
09.07.2018 Special Topics of Gustatory Processing H. Breer, University of Hohenheim, Faculty of Natural Sciences
16.07.2018 Visual Hallucinations and other Strange Visual Phenomena H. Wilhelm, Centre of Ophthalmology
23.07.2018 Tutorial

Progress reports

Progress in Neuroscience Research of the Retina and the Inner Ear Module (2)
When?: once per month on Thursday, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Where?: Seminar room of the Institute for Ophthalmic Research, Room 2.330, Elfriede-Aulhorn-Str. 7
Language: English

Date Lecturers Department / Section Title
17.05.2018 MD Moniruzzaman AG Ueffing (FIA) Dissection of the ciliary function of Lebercilin and its dysfunction in Leber's congenital amaurosis
Marie-Kristin Manthey AG Knipper (THRC) Influence of peripheral BDNF on central auditory processing
14.06.2018 Sarah Strauss, Juliane Skinner AGs Berens/Euler (FIA) Investigating direction selectivity computation in the starburst amacrine cell
Philine Marchetta AG Knipper (THRC) Influence of mineralo- and glucocorticoid receptors on sound-induced long-term changes in auditory nerve response and central auditory processing
12.07.2018 Kangwei Jiao AG Paquet-Durand (FIA) A cross talk: from clinical to basic research for Retinitis Pigmentosa
Dr. Stefan Fink AG Löwenheim (THRC) Improving auditory neuron dendrite outgrowth in vitro

At each date two progress reports will be presented – one by a junior scientist of the Centre for Ophthalmology, one by a junior scientist of the Hearing Research Centre / ENT-Clinic (Schedule per progress report: 30 min talk, 15 min discussion).
There will be the opportunity for further scientific discussions after the presentations with coffee, tea and cookies.

Optional Courses

will be offered by the supervising institute

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